Protecting you and your family/loved ones is a critical area of financial planning. We will assess your needs and circumstances to ensure that an adequate and cost effective level of life assurance cover is in place, providing you and your family with financial security and peace of mind should an untimely death occur.

We offer a range of options to protect what matters most…

Level Term Cover
This type Life Insurance policy is taken out for a specific term i.e. it has a policy start date and a policy end date with an additional option to convert the policy for a further period of time without providing any further medical evidence. Unlike Mortgage Protection the level of cover does not reduce over the term. This gives you the reassurance that if you take out a policy the level of cover remains the same from the first day to the last day of the policy and the monthly premium also remains the same.

Group Life Cover
Often a company may wish to provide benefits for employees in the event of death or disability. As 
advisors we will endeavor to get the best plan for your company. If you are an employer in some cases we can give advice concerning the contributions which are allowed as a deduction in the company’s accounts. Group Protection is also often cheaper for employees as many of whom sometimes are not in a position to take out cover from a cost perspective. “Standard Levels” is normal for Group Life Cover and medical evidence is not usually required hence overall costs are reduced considerably if done as a group. We have access to a suite from all the Irish providers and will endeavor to find you and your staff the most competitive premiums available.

Pension Term Assurance
Pension Term Assurance is life cover that pays your dependents’ a guaranteed lump sum if you die during the term of the plan. The advantage of this type of life cover is that it costs you less because if you are eligible you can claim tax relief on your contributions.

Your contribution provides the level of life cover you need until the date you have chosen for retirement. The cost is guaranteed not to increase before that date, giving you added security, and you get tax relief on each contribution that you pay – so you benefit straight away.

Pension Term Assurance is available to Self-employed and to Directors of companies

Warning: Income tax relief is not guaranteed. To be eligible to claim income tax relief, your income must be taxable under Schedule E. To claim income tax relief, you can apply to your Inspector of Taxes to adjust your tax credits. Contributions deducted from salary will receive immediate tax relief. Any regular contributions from your employer are deductible by them as a business expense for Corporation Tax purposes in the Company tax year in which contributions are made. Pension income in retirement is subject to income tax at your highest rate on withdrawal, Universal Social Charge (USC), PRSI (if applicable) and any other charges or levies (tax) applicable at the time.

Over 50’s Life Insurance
If you’re over 50 years old and need life insurance, 50+ Easy Cover is the plan for you. It pays out a guaranteed sum of up to €25,000 when you die. What’s more – there’s no health questions and no medical, so it really is hassle free. 

The lump sum is guaranteed and regular payments will stop at age 90 but your cover will continue. You could leave the lump sum to your family and loved ones to help to pay the cost of funeral expenses, cover any loans or bills you might still have when you die or to leave a nest egg to grandchildren etc. 

* If you die in those first 2 years we will pay your estate a full refund of the regular payments you have made, unless you die in an accident, whereby we will pay out your chosen level of cover.

We can help with...

  • Life Assurance
  • Level Term Cover
  • Group Life Cover
  • Pension Term Assurance
  • Over 50’s Life Insurance