Brokers have access to a variety of insurer’s products and can compare various product offerings and advise on best service provider, best cover rate from the most suitable provider – EVERYTIME!


Brokers are independent and not tied to any provider.

Expert Advice

Just like an accountant or lawyer, based on years of experience and training a broker can provide the same professional advice to you on your insurance.


A brokers leading duty is to his or her client. Brokers look at building customer loyalty and long-term relationships and spend time getting to know and understand the needs of their clients.

Peace of Mind

In the event of a claim and or general queries brokers guide consumers through the claims process and effectively manages the claim on client’s behalf.


Brokers take away the burden and stress of searching the market and handling claims. The broker is the one who takes the responsibility on your behalf.


All our members are regulated by Central Bank of Ireland and you are protected at all times.