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Visit us: Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm   |   Call us: 0818 287 222

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Self Build Insurance

Self Build Insurance is essential if you decide to build or renovate your home.  This will cover you for any property damage or legal liabilities.
At travers insurances we offer two self build insurance products:

  • Self Build for New Homes
  • Self Build for extensions and renovations

It is important with self build insurance to choose the correct amount of cover. This should be based on cost of rebuilding your home and not the projected market value. Standard cover includes property damage, Employers Liability, Public Liability and legal protection.
More benefits of self build insurance include cover for fire brigade charges, policy options of 12, 18 or 24 months, free advice on managing risks on your building site and no penalty if you’re building a timber-framed house. Self build Insurance gives you that extra piece of mind.

We offer the best value deals in self build insurance. Travers & Co. Insurances Ltd works with leading insurance providers in Ireland to get the best deal for you on self build insurance. Contact us now to get a quote.